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Smart Shareable Shopping Lists

Sharing a shopping list between household members helps you save time and keeps us up to date on what’s in your Pantry.

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Easily Turn Your Meal Plan or Recipes into a Shopping List

Your new smart kitchen assistant knows what you have and what missing ingredients stand between you and dinner. Easily add the missing ingredients from any recipe or meal plan to your shopping list.

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"Must have for anyone that is in charge of the kitchen. No more cleaning out the cupboards of foods we forgot to cook with! Awesome recipes and you can import ones you find online. The best part, it adds things to your shopping list when planning meals and tracks expiration dates. Hallelujah!"

Rene (Android User)

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Pantry and Shopping Screenshots

Swiping Your Purchases Keeps Your Pantry Up to Date

By using the Chefling shopping list, each item you cross off automatically goes into your virtual Pantry, making it easier to keep us up to date on what you have.

"I've added most of my pantry to this app and it's already helped me find reasonable recipes. Chefling helps with planning recipes, shopping lists and keeps track of expiration dates too. Very convenient and worth downloading!" 

Adam (iOS User)


Connect with Household Members to Collaborate on Your Shopping List

Chefling makes it easy to connect one, two, or even more accounts together for easy sharing of your shopping list and pantry. No more texting back and forth, “Do you need anything?!”

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