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Recipes Based on Ingredients

The Chefling smart kitchen assistant compares over 185,000 recipes to what’s in your pantry and tells you what’s 'Ready to Cook'.

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Recipes Based on Your Whole Pantry

Chefling compares all of your ingredients to our extensive recipe collection and matches you with ones that you can make right now, or with just an item or two from the store.

"Chefling is awesome! I've been looking for an app just like this! I especially love the recipes based on what you have in your pantry already."

-Destiny (iOS User)

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Browse Recipes Based on Ingredients Quickly

The Chefling app is designed to save you maximum time. You can see directly from the recipe “Explore” tab how many ingredients you’re missing from every recipe so that you don’t have to dig through the ingredients list.

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"You tell the app everything in your kitchen and it gives you recipes to make stuff with what you already have. It's super helpful!!"

-Brooklyn (Android User)

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Recipes by Ingredient With Over 30 Special Diets

Chefling supports over 30 special diets based on personal preferences so you can find recipes based on your ingredients. Whether your diet is keto, low carb, vegan, or kosher, Chefling's got you! 

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