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Chefling Plus

The Ultimate tool for any home chef!

Free trial for 14 days then renew at $4.99/mo. or $29.99/yr.

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An Intuitive and Fully Customizable Kitchen Assistant!

Import Any Recipe from the Web!

Chefling's one tap tool is the simplest way to find and recreate any recipe from the web with seamless and organized instruction cards to match with your ingredients at home. Plus you can customize each recipe with your own steps and ingredients! 

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The Smart Pantry Management Tool!

Every kitchen is unique. So customizing your online pantry and storage organization should have unlimited options. With Chefling’s customizable pantry options organizing your kitchen based on ingredients or your cabinets is completely up to your preferences. 

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Create Your Own Recipes!

As you get comfortable with cooking it’s only natural that you’ll want to experiment with new flavors and ingredients. Chefling’s create your own recipe feature allows you to have a personal arsenal of recipes for any serving size that can be shared with anyone! 

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One Subscription for the Entire Family!

Easily add family members to Chefling for synced pantry, shopping lists, and meal planning tools so everyone can have a say on what’s for dinner. All this for one premium subscription that covers your entire family on the Chefling app! 

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Hear what our customer have to say about us

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This app offers so many functions. A recipe book, a meal planner, an inventory tracker, and a built-in shopping list option that checks your planned meals against your plans. The app makes a list of the items you don't have for the meals you plan!

Darlene, iOS App User

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The single app you need to save your appetite! I love this app and it organizes my life for me. I always cook so randomly based on what I have in the fridge, but Chefling tells me what combinations I can do that actually taste good.

Eden, Android App User
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We're trying to eat what's in the pantry so we have less to move. The ready to cook option makes it easy to find recipes for what we already have. Scanning UPC codes makes it super easy to input what's in the pantry.

Adam, iOS App User

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Try Chefling Plus free for 14 days!

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  • Import unlimited recipes from the web

  • Custom Pantry categories 

  • Create Your Own Recipes 
  • Shared benefits with all family members

  • Ads-Free!

Free trial for 14 days then renew at $4.99/mo. or $29.99/yr.

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