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Top 5 Cooking Hacks That Will Make You a Pro Chef

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Chefling helps you cook, plan, and manage everything in your kitchen. However, you still need to be there for the cooking part! The team here at Chefling wants to help you in every step of your journey as a #homechef, so we compiled a list of the top five most useful tips that will help you feel like a pro chef at home.


1. Rolling your citrus fruit gets more juice out of it

A lot of recipes commonly need citrus to add that extra kick in flavor. So naturally, the best way to get the freshest citrus juice is by getting the actual fruit. Conventionally, you would cut a lemon in half and squeeze as hard as you can to get the most juice out of that lemon. Usually you’ll notice that there is plenty of citrus juice left in that squeezed lemon so how could we get the most out of it?

Easy-peasy lemon squeezy! Rolling the fruit on a flat surface while pressing down on it will break down the membranes inside of the citrus fruit releasing more of the juices inside the pulp.

Bonus tip: Refrigerating citrus fruits also makes the membranes of the citrus more brittle and easier to tear when rolling. This should be able to get the most of that fruit and can be applied to all sorts of other citruses.

We already know what you're thinking “What if I wanna get all the juice out?!?” Good news, there is an inexpensive kitchen tool that will maximize the amount of juice you get from every citrus you buy every time. The team here at Chefling recommends that you get the Hand Juicer Kitchen Tool that guarantees that you’ll get every last drop as fast as possible.

Buy the Perfect Citrus Juicer on Amazon.- $12.02 (Limited time)


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2. Hull Strawberries With a Straw

Who doesn’t love some fresh strawberries to add to their salad, cocktail, smoothie, yogurt, cake, or even water for that extra oomph. The team here at Chefling knows exactly how much a strawberry can do, so without further adieu let's talk about how you can use a straw to hull strawberries easily and quickly. Simply put the straw at the bottom of the berry and push through to the top. This will quickly remove the stem and core in one motion, minimizing the time it takes to enjoy them!

Any straw could be used but while we're at it, why not keep an eco-friendly mindset and purchase reusable metal straws!

Chefling recommends these on Amazon.- $6.99

(PSSSSST: It also comes with two metal brushes to clean out the straws)

3) Use an Egg Slicer to Slice More Than Eggs

Who doesn't want their food looking pretty? Instead of spending time meticulously cutting your vegetables and fruits with a knife, just use an egg slicer to evenly cut whatever you want perfectly every time.

For a tool that has such utility, it's surprising that it’s named “egg slicer”. Some people have thought ahead though, and created a universal slicer that can work on a wide variety of foods. So our team here at Chefling did the hard work for you and found the best value slicer that’ll take care of all your pro chef needs.

Buy the best food slicer on Amazon. -$18.49


Image via Mommy Minutes

4) Wooden Spoon Over a Pot Keeps Water From Spilling Over.

Oh the age old struggle of having to stand over the grains or noodles boiling in the pot in front of you, unable to leave because of the imminent overflow of starch as it cooks. So much time is wasted constantly stirring and watching one ingredient cook. Why not think outside of the pot, and get a wooden spoon!

Why a wooden spoon of all things? Well fun fact, if you place a wooden spoon horizontally on top of the pot, all that starchy foam will never spill over. The reason this happens is because the wood is hydrophobic (water doesn’t stick to it) and that means all the starch bubbles will pop when making contact with the spoon, saving you from having to stare at the pot and preventing the mess.

We think that’s value added to your kitchen so why not invest in something that is inexpensive but high quality for all your kitchen adventures?

We suggest this wooden spoon as it's the best value tool on the market.

Buy it on amazon-$5.99


5) Freeze Liquids in Usable Portions With an Ice Tray?

We saved the best for last. This tip specifically is useful for meal prepping and working professionals who want high quality food without the time to make it from scratch daily.

Sauces, oils, and creams all have one major component in common, water. This means that all of these bases can be frozen and stored away for future use, while extending the shelf life of these ingredients for days to come. You most likely have a portioned out tray that holds ice currently, but what if you could freeze your sauce and cream bases so that when you get home you just have to pop out these “flavor cubes” (trademark pending) to speed up your cooking!

Simply make a liquid base of choice and measure out serving sizes in the sections of your ice tray at home!

We thought ahead too and want to make sure that you don’t have to sacrifice having ice at home for meal prepping sake, so here is a high quality ice tray with a lid to keep all your sauces ready to go.

Buy it on Amazon -$14.99

We hope you get the most out of these tips. This is the first of a new series from Chefling, so don't forget to like and share! And most importantly, check out the Chefling app for all your kitchen needs!

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