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Did you know? You can save any recipe on Chefling!

With the Chefling kitchen assistant, cooking becomes stress-free with recipes based on your ingredients, meal planning, shared shopping lists, and pantry management. Chefling even reminds you to cook with expiration notifications and all this is totally free!

Now that you know what Chefling is capable of, let's talk about one of the most valuable tools in the app; recipe import from the web! So to show you the value of this tool, let's tease you with an amazing recipe you probably never heard of.

Ever tried Ukrainian garlic bread?

Well, in four easy steps you can have this or any recipe you want, saved on your Chefling app. Let's show you how!


1) On the top right of the Recipes tab on the Chefling app, there is a (+) button. That's where you'll be able to search for any recipe online and bring it into the Chefling app!

2) Once you press the (+) you will be presented with two options, Import recipe from the web or write your own recipe. So for this guide, we're going to walk through adding a recipe from the web to your saved collections on Chefling.

3) Now that you've tapped "Import from the web" your screen will show you a web browser with Google's search bar. This browser has full functionality allowing you to google any recipe on the web. After searching and finding a recipe you like, at the bottom right of your phone screen, there is a button labeled "Import".

4) Tap "Import" and a message will appear at the bottom of the screen letting you know that the recipe has been saved in the "My Imported" folder. Now the final step is finding the recipe in your saved collections, and there are two ways to get to this section.

  • Option 1: Tap on the pop-up that appears immediately after tapping import once you found your desired recipe. From there Chefling will take you directly to the collection and voila, you have successfully imported a recipe from the web! 🎉

  • Option 2: Go back to the recipe tab and at the top, tap on "Saved" to be taken to your personal collections. From there tap on "My imported" to get access to all your saved recipes and voila, you have successfully imported a recipe from the web! 🎉

We love to help our home chefs take control of their kitchens at home and we hope that this tool will help you save time and money while eating quality food. If you're interested in seeing what Chefling is also capable of, feel free take a look at Chefling's awesome features here.

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