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Overcoming Cabin Fever with Fresh Cookies

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Here in Santa Clara County, California, we have been on Stay at Home status for over a week already, and I've personally been in self-isolation for 19 days.  77% of Chefling users who took our COVID-19 survey tell us they are at home in isolation except for those who must leave to work. That means 3 out of 4 Americans are kind of trapped in their house right now.

I don't buy a lot of sweets or snacks because I believe portion control begins at the store, but when I realized I might be cooped up in the house for awhile, the idea of having at least something enjoyable to munch on definitely crossed my mind. However, my will power prevailed on each of my few grocery trips and I left with only essentials.


Cut to last Friday night; the workweek was over.  It had been an absolute stress-show for me and, I think, just about everyone. I sat on my couch wishing that my will power hadn't been so good at the store on previous trips. I needed something sweet to eat.

Hmm. Maybe I'll check out the Chefling app, I thought.  I use the Chefling app a lot to find recipes based on my ingredients but really only for dinner.  It's become second nature for that, but I don't usually make desserts. Without having planned to make desserts, what are the odds I would have everything I need?

I went into the Chefling app and looked at the Ready to Cook section. There were some cookie recipes where I had nearly everything but the missing ingredient was a deal breaker.  But then I saw on some recipe cards that Chefling thought I was missing some ingredients that I actually have, so I clicked on those and added them to my pantry. Once I made a few quick additions to my pantry, my Ready to Cook results updated and I suddenly found myself staring at a peanut butter and oats cookie recipe that looked amazing, and I had everything I needed to make them.  

I got to work. Cabin fever be damned, I was on a mission. I made some quick cookie dough, threw the little hand-pressed balls in the oven, and about an hour after I had conceived of my diabolical plan, hooooly smokes - I was eating hot cookies.


So much for portion control. Since then, I have now made blueberry oat crumble bars our of jelly that are R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S,  to say nothing of the fried rice I made last night, and I haven't even left my house. There are literally dozens of other recipes in my Ready to Cook that I can still make with what I have on hand, though I am starting to run out of those types of supplies because I never expected to use so much of them so easily.

Obviously, Chefling cannot fabricate more flour for me if there is none at the store, but I am here to tell you: 

If you have flour, and you have Chefling, you probably have cookies.

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