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Now uncovering Chefling's most popular recipes!

2020 was the year, you cooked your way through. You thought about what to cook for dinner, lunches, and meal prep. You chopped tonnes of veggies, meat while baking your way through fear, burnout, and exhaustion. While preserving lentils, planning your grocery budget, practicing pantry-focused pasta, to making your own cocktails (with all the bars shut down), no matter what you got through it!

As we start this amazing new year we'd like to take a minute's pause and reflect on some of the best things Chefling has brought to you, our wonderful readers. Throughout the year Chefling has been there for you creating recipe collections to make at home to help pass the time, teaching you how to better utilize your kitchen appliances, and helping you explore some of the best recipes out on the world wide web.

We at Chefling, have tens of thousands of recipes in our archives while publishing new ones almost every day. And to start with, we wanted to highlight the most popular recipes on our app, for you to take a look at and start exploring with, for that we have launched the new "Popular Recipes" category on the Chefling app.


Image Courtesy: Kates Carlata

1) Parmesan Roasted Broccoli

An easy to prepare five-minute recipe with 15 minute baking time is a delight for kids when cut horizontally to maximize the exposed surface, which will be covered with loads of parmesan cheese. It's a very good replacement for cauliflower too. 🥦

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Image Courtesy: Kelly Senyei

2) Mashed Potato Cake

Got too many mashed potatoes from last night's dinner? Instead of reheating the mashed potatoes, here's an interesting potato cake recipe. We are happy to say that it's been one of the most popular recipes on the app. 🥔

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Image Courtesy: Macheesmo

3) Cinnamon Crunch Sticks

An awesome side to warm milk, this recipe just takes around a total of 15 minutes to prep. Insider Tip: the best way to eat these sticks is to dunk them until it softens a bit while letting it melt in your mouth; enjoying this recipe in its best form. 😋

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Image Courtesy: Emeril Lassagne

4) Garlic Roasted Asparagus

Looking to cook a quick appetizer or as a side to your main dish? The key to cooking asparagus to its perfection is either to bake it or grill it. Pro-tip: Drizzle lemon juice and garnish the dish with fresh parsley to give it a nice finishing touch. 🌿

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Image Courtesy: Evelyn Liu

5) Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

One can never go wrong with fried rice. And guess what? This classic take-out dish is made with just seven ingredients at home. Budget-friendly, as well as super flexible. It can be made vegetarian too just by eliminating the chicken. 🍲

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Chefling is the best smart kitchen assistant with awesome features like recipe suggestions based on ingredients you have at home, pantry management, shared shopping lists, and meal planning capabilities all in one! So, if you want to save time and money by cooking at home, make sure to download Chefling today so that you take control of your kitchen!

We hope you get the most out of these recipes. This is one of many new posts brought to you by Chefling, so don't forget to like and share! And most importantly, check out the Chefling app for all your kitchen needs!

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