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🎉🎉 Introducing the All-New “Ready-to-Cook” Toggle! 🎉🎉

With the new Ready-to-Cook toggle, a single tap will help you decipher even more recipes you can cook right away across various categories on your Chefling app.

Whether you are scrolling through recipes based on key ingredients, cuisine type, lunch, dinner, breakfast, or for that matter, even instant pot recipes we have got you covered everywhere.


Are You Planning a Mexican Dinner For Your Family Tonight?

All you need to do is open the Mexican category under cuisines and turn on the toggle to let Chefling show you all the delicious recipes you can cook with the ingredients you have.

Not just cuisines, but the Ready-to-cook toggle is available for all your recipe categories. Giving you even more specific varieties to cook based on ingredients you have in your pantry whether it's your key ingredients, meal-type, breakfast, or dinner!


We know what it takes to cook a perfect recipe! And so, another exciting update we have worked on is splitting the recipe ingredients and steps into different elements.

This will help you to precisely take care of all the peculiar aspects that go into accomplishing a perfect recipe!

Want to learn more about Chefling can bring to your Kitchen? Click here to learn more!

Want to make your own amazing dishes? Download the Chefling app today:

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