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5 Tips to Kickstart Healthy Eating Habits in 2021!

Welcome to the New Year

In the new year many like to make pledges to a healthier life, eating better food, and an overall change to old habits. The team here at Chefling knows a thing or two about eating healthy and starting healthy habits at home and we thought it was important to give you an easy to follow guide focusing on 5 healthy eating habits in 2021. Whatever your New Year’s resolutions may be, use our guide to kickstart your health journey.


Advice to avoid

There are thousands of health articles, workout plans, diet fads, and miracle weight loss pills out there. Do you not get swept up in all the excitement and marketing surrounding these health fads. Nutritionists all over the world agree that everybody is different and it is very hard to identify what an individual needs in order to live a healthy lifestyle. So as you look towards living a healthy life avoid falling into the trap of setting extremely high expectations for yourself based on these online diet plans or food exclusion recommendations if you are just starting out.

Secondly, 80% of healthy living is focusing on your diet. Working out and eating burgers daily is not a sustainable way of losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle. So remember when thinking about where to start, always default to what’s on your plate. This is no easy feat though, so the rest of this guide will talk about how to kickstart your healthy eating journey in a way that fits with your lifestyle.


1. Categorize What Healthy Foods You Like

Starting a healthy diet can be a real challenge for people who have a lot of sugars and high caloric sweets in their pantry at home. So to tackle this issue of having foods that are not beneficial to your health journey, we suggest doing a ritualistic purge of all of those unhealthy snacks or sugars at home. Every journey has to start somewhere so might as well make a small event out of it to help legitimize your New Years' resolutions. Mark it on your calendar, take a selfie, do whatever you feel makes the commitment real!

Next, You should find recipes you actually enjoy based on ingredients you like. That simple sentence goes a long way in taking control of your healthy habits. We suggest that you take the time to actually write down on a piece of paper, the types of ingredients that you like and don’t like as a way to influence what kind of recipes you cook. If you would prefer not to use pen paper, we suggest using the Chefling app where you can search for recipes based on individual ingredients and set diet preferences based on ingredients you don’t like. You can do all of this for free of course, as Chefling works with you to succeed in your health goals.

If you’re coming from a place where you don’t know which ingredients you like, feel free to try out micro portions of specific recipes just to try them. This way you can eliminate types of ingredients that would not be appealing for you to use repeatedly. This is an optional step as a way to encourage you to try new things to achieve your goals.

Image of Woman Holding Phone with Chefling interface on screen

2. Make Your Meal Plans Flexible

One of the most important overlooked habits in any healthy lifestyle change is that people tend to give out of touch advice about completely getting rid of sugar out of your diet or fat. This is something that is unreasonable and usually leads to a failed healthy diet plan, so one of the things we recommend that definitely gives you a leg up compared to most restrictive diet plans and health plans is that you need to plan with flexibility. Instead of creating a 30-day meal plan that you have to follow exactly by the book, we recommend that you plan for five days a week, specifically your lunches and dinners. We completely understand that there are times where you want to go out and have dinner with friends, have a night out to party (hopefully in the near future), and these behaviors are OK. Just make sure if you are engaging in these behaviors that they are anticipated in your meal plans. This lets you set clear expectations for yourself and having a flexible meal plan will help you achieve your health goals. This is where Chefling really shines with our intuitive meal plan tool that lets you plan meals months in advance with over 185,000 recipes based on ingredients you have at home and your diet preferences.

One extra bit of advice, resist temptation, and don’t bring sweets or high caloric density foods into your home. We cannot stress enough that leaving those foods outside of the house makes them less appealing to have at the moment. Little tiny behavioral changes like this as well as pairing up with the Chefling app really do make a difference in your health journey.


3. Shop Strictly Off Your Meal Plan

Healthy eating habits do not just pertain to how you eat but how you shop too. Meal prepping and cooking in an undisciplined manner can lead to expensive grocery bills and lots of wasted food. So to avoid having this issue while acquiring more healthy habits in the new year, we recommend creating a shopping list based on the recipes you want to make in your meal plan and sticking to the shopping list. This can be very hard using pen and paper or memory, so Chefling has done all the hard work for you with an intuitive feature that allows you to meal plan recipes that you like based on your ingredients and diet preferences. All while also importing any missing ingredients that you may not have for those recipes directly into your shopping list. Chefling truly is your one-stop-shop for starting your health journey.


4. Use and Repurpose Leftovers

Make sure that the food that you cook doesn’t go to waste by repurposing leftovers into new types of dishes. This is a fun and explorative way to experience new recipes while using ingredients you already like.

Fun fact: Chefling has dedicated categories in our recipe section like "healthy" and "good for leftovers" so that you can have many options for bringing those old leftovers back to life. The best part is that if you want, Chefling can remind you to plan out your meals and even help you decide your new recipes based on your leftovers at the same time.


5. Monitor Your Pantry Inventory

A study, published in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, found that the average U.S. household wasted 31.9% of its food. The total annual cost of the wasted food was estimated to be $240 billion or $1,866 per household.

Making sure that you utilize your entire pantry inventory regularly will allow you to really understand your eating patterns and help you hone in on developing healthy habits throughout the year. Pantry management can be really challenging though, without the proper tools at your side. Wasted food is no joke and the ability to re-purpose leftovers, plan meals months in advance, and create specific shopping lists based on recipes monitoring your pantry inventory is imperative to your success. Chefling offers expiration notices in-app so that way any of the food that you shop for at home doesn’t go to waste. Chefling is your ultimate tool for taking control of your kitchen and your healthy lifestyle changes and at this point, we know that you’re interested in downloading Chefling, so here is the link.


We hope you get the most out of these tips and that your new starts off with a bang! This is one of many new posts brought to you by Chefling, so don't forget to like and share! And most importantly, check out the Chefling app for all your kitchen needs!

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