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Happy National Frappe Day with Every Frappe Recipe Ever! ☕️

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The team here at Chefling regularly writes about awesome recipes that are all managed using the Chefling app. But, this week we wanted to try something a little different. We know that Frappe day is today, so how were we supposed to celebrate it? Should we have done a "top 5 recipes blog post" or a slideshow of pretty frappes? No.... none of these ideas were good enough in our opinion until we realized what the perfect piece of content was for this holiday but not just this year, but for every year following!

To properly celebrate National Frappe Day we decided to have every frappe recipe that we could find in one cohesive gallery that lets you make any frappe you want at home! What's even better is that this gallery can easily be saved to your phone via the Chefling app!

The Chefling app is your smart kitchen assistant that can recommend recipes to you based on the ingredients you already have at home while also assisting with meal planning, shared shopping lists, and pantry management all in one place! Whatever the occasion, Chefling has over 185,000 recipes to make sure you're cooking more and stressing less. Learn more here!

So without further adieu, Chefling is proud to present every frappe recipe ever:

(Simply click on one of the images and you will be redirected to the recipe!)

Here is the list:

Greek Frappe

Substituting milk for Greek yogurt makes this frappe recipe on of the healthiest treats that you don’t have to feel guilty about!

Vietnamese Frappe

Vietnamese coffee is known for its strong flavor profile and high amounts of caffeine in each brew. So add some ice and milk and blend it all in for your all-day caffeine fix

Diet Frappe

The name says it all. We all have cheat days, but at least you can have this frappe without any of the guilt.

Gingerbread Frappe

Decadent, decadent, and more decadence! This mouthwatering recipe is sure to give you your caffeine fix with a little reminder of the festive season.

Salted Caramel Frappe

Salty sweet knows no recipe better than a salted caramel Frappe! A balanced dessert on the go that is always easy to make and a reliable pick me up for that meeting or kids’ soccer game.

S’mores Frappe

Otherwise known as campfire in a cup this nostalgic drink brings back all the memories of that time you camped and made s’mores for the first time, every time.

Blue moon Frappe

Blended ice, blueberries, and a tiny touch of mint form the base for a truly refreshing frappe that is sure to introduce you into a whole new world of flavors.

Mexican Chocolate Frappe

Mexican chocolate is known for its rich properties and distinct flavor. While usually served warm this recipe is a riff on the classic hot drink that’s worth a try.

Strawberry Frappe

Synonymous with milkshakes, you can never go wrong with strawberries and milk. Those two ingredients seem to just go hand in hand.

Oreo Frappe

Unlock your child with a riff on the classic cookies and creme smoothie, which will be talked about later in this list. Oreo’s have a particular place in our hearts for always being there as the go-to sugar fix for any child.

Diet Mocha Frappe

Same as the diet mocha from before just with added chocolate, because who says no to some chocolate?!?

Vanilla Frappe

Classically made and classically loved vanilla is the easiest of flavors to get ahold of and can go into just about anything. It’s no wonder there is a frappe recipe for this universal sweetener.

Cold Brew Mocha Frappe

Shaking things up with cold brew coffee gives your frappe the extra kick that you need to get through the day, blended with a smooth chocolate taste. This recipe is an easy first-time cold brew practice test.

Nutella Frappe

Rich hazelnut, creamy chocolate, and a coffee of choice and you have everything you need to make of the most of that break or morning commute.

Banana Mocha Frappe

The addition of bananas to this recipe makes this frappe an excellent source of potassium and just a hint of sugar since bananas already have natural sugar in them.

Candy Cane Frappe

Did someone say Holiday season? This candy cane frappe combines the bold flavors of peppermint while prepping you for the gift-giving, turkey eating season!

Tiramisu Frappe

A coffee-flavored cake turned into a coffee drink that has actual coffee, nothing confusing about that. Still a great recipe though.

Mud Pie Frappe

Despite the messy sounding title, there is no mud in this drink. Extra chocolate makes this sweet treat an array of flavors.

Turtle Frappe

Similar to the mud pie frappe, this sweet drink also has small bits of pecan for an earthy and nutty taste. Surely an interesting flavor profile for a dessert while out and about.

Cookies & Cream Frappe

A classic recipe and classic ingredients, you can never go wrong with cookies and cream.

Keto Frappe

For those of you who are on a strict keto only diet, we knew this recipe had to be included so you wouldn’t miss out on all the fun. Indulge guilt-free on this diet-friendly recipe.

Dairy-Free Frappe

For those of you who are allergic to dairy, this is the perfect recipe for you. Substitute any milk alternative that you would like and this recipe is still able to hit the spot on any sugar cravings.

Coconut frappe

A taste of the tropical flavors with coconut milk is an easy escape from the everyday grind. Try this recipe for any coconut fix you may have.

Eggnog frappe

Another holiday reminder that keeps you in the festive mood, eggnog is a staple flavor in your end of season sweets that’s sure to inspire your holiday spirit.

Mint Mocha

A burst of mint and a hint of chocolate. A perfect combo that’s refreshing enough for the summer and rich enough for the winter.

Berries and Cream Frappe

Berries and cream, oh what a dream! A classic flavor that never gets old and leaves you nostalgic for the summer camp adventures.

Negroni Frappe

A refreshing and lower proof alternative to the traditional Italian cocktail. While there is no coffee, this artisanal drink is refreshing, flavorful, and deathly worth a try

Caramel Maple Frappe

A relatively new flavor combo for those interested in going outside of their comfort zone. The team here at Chefling can’t stop making this recipe!

Pumpkin Pie Frappe

Just when you thought there wasn’t enough Pumpkin Spice around, we’re happy to introduce the Pumpkin Pie Frappe.

Pink Cotton Candy Frappe

Tap into your inner child and revisit the cotton candy stand at the Fairgrounds in a cup!

Chai Tea Frappe

All the spices and cream you could dream of! Who knew a cold drink could warm you up so much?

Matcha Frappe

Is there anything that doesn’t have a matcha flavor these days? This is for all you matcha lovers out there who know all about the health benefits in this amazing ingredient.

Cake Batter Frape

It’s like a birthday cake in a cup! Treat yourself to a sweet treat on your special day, or any day for that matter. ;)

Toasted Almond & Honey Frappe

A flavor profile that’s homey and not too sweet for all of you that like to curl up with a cup of tea and a book on a misty fall afternoon.

Apple Pie Frappe

Sweet southern flavor, brought to you in a cold, creamy, blended, and caffeinated masterpiece! You know what they say… It’s sweet as Apple Pie!

Peach Crisp Frappe

Bring this undervalued fruit to the center of attention in this delicious frappe that can be enjoyed year-round!

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