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Easy BBQ Recipes to Make 4th of July at Home More Fun! (2020)

Are you looking for new, fun, and easy BBQ recipes to make at home this 4th of July?

Chefling has got you covered with 5 of our best and easy BBQ recipes whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or neither.

The team here at Chefling knows that this holiday weekend will most likely be spent at home as COVID-19 around the country cancels events and prevents us from celebrating the way we usually do. So in an effort to cheer you and the family up let's get into these easy recipes that are sure to spice up your weekend (even if it's just a little).

1) BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwiches

Photography Credit: Elise Bauer

The classic beef brisket is the perfect go-to for a delicious and hearty main dish for your Fourth of July celebration. This recipe easily serves a family, can be made without a bun, and just served with a side of mashed potatoes and coleslaw. The classic American BBQ doesn't get more text book than this!

If your interested in cooking this recipe for your Fourth of July celebration, then download Chefling today!

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What kind of sauce would Chefling recommend you ask? Capital City Mambo sauce ($17-$20)


2) Cauliflower BBQ Wings

Photography Credit: Gimme Delicious

For all the vegetarians and vegans out there, 4th of July has always been stereotypically a meat focused barbeque and "watch fireworks" holiday. It's 2020, time to get with the program and provide some recipes that are actually tasty and good substitutes to the classic ol' burger. These Cauliflower BBQ wings are the perfect balance between filling and flavorful and the Chefling team thinks this would get any vegetarian/vegan's seal of approval.

If your interested in cooking vegan or vegetarian recipes for your Fourth of July celebration, then download Chefling today!

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How About These Dry Rubs to go along with your cauliflower barbecue wings? BBQ Bros Rubs ($24-$30)


3) BBQ Chicken Tenders

You can never go wrong with chicken. Across all cultures and culinary styles chicken is the universal meat to use because of its versatility and wide array of capabilities in dishes. Barbeque recipes are no different and Chefling knows a thing or two about chicken and barbequing, like these BBQ chicken tenders. Use this 3-ingredient dish to quickly have tasty and tantalizing plate that takes less than an hour to make this weekend!

If your interested in cooking chicken recipes holiday or not, then download Chefling today!

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4) BBQ Shredded Jackfruit

Photography Credit: Eating Bird Food

Now, we know you probably haven't heard of this recipe because jackfruit is not commonly used in the US, let alone for BBQ. We can already see you're probably thinking "that's a stretch for sure, jackfruit is a fruit...." but trust us this recipe works. For the vegetarians/vegans still reading, you'd be surprised how easily jackfruit can be substituted for pulled pork, chicken, beef, and more! The consistency of jackfruit paired with the recipe ingredients make a kick-butt BBQ dish for any family gathering or night in.

If your interested in learning what other kinds of recipes you didn't think of and can cook, Download Chefling today!

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5) BBQ Short Stack Ribs

Bbq short rib recipe found on Chefling

Photography Credit: Spend with Pennies

Finally........ BBQ ribs. We feel like we still have to make sure that every year someone somewhere on the internet writes about a BBQ rib recipe. Ribs are delicious, delightful, and dependable for any barbeque related event. Second to the classic American burger we keep referencing, ribs are the best representation of American barbeque culture and flavors. This leaves us no choice but to make sure that you at home have at least one BBQ rib recipe in your back pocket this year.

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Nothing sold you yet? How about Sweet Baby Ray's ($13-$15)


We hope that you enjoyed reading through our top 5 BBQ recipes for 4th of July this year. Chefling cares about your cooking experience at home and wants to make sure you have all the tools and tricks you need to be a pro chef. Let us know if you liked this post and be sure to follow us Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for regular updates on all things cooking!

Just in case:

Chefling is the smart kitchen assistant app that offers you recipes based on your ingredients, meal planning, shared shopping lists, and smart appliance control all for free!

Wishing you a very Happy 4th of July! ❤️🇺🇸

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