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COVID is Changing How America Feels About Cooking

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

We were already seeing big changes in peoples’ behavior at Chefling since the COVID19 pandemic forced millions of Americans into their homes. Now, the numbers are officially in.

A new survey by Hunter shows that 54% of Americans are cooking more, and 46% are baking more than before the crisis. Half of the people who are cooking more said they feel more confident in the kitchen and 35% said they are enjoying cooking more than ever.

We’ve seen that people are buying more food. Over 45% have 3 weeks or more of food on hand. They are buying different foods, and they are looking for ways to use the same ingredients in new ways. Hunter’s study shows that 44% of people have discovered new ingredients and 50% have discovered new brands. This is good news for food producers who are managing to keep the doors open during this crisis.


So what are people cooking in quarantine?

So, what kinds of recipes are people looking for? Hunter says 61% were looking for simple solutions, 60% were looking for Recipes based on ingredients they have, and 47% were looking for ways to cook healthier. We’ve actually done our own survey of Chefling users and found that the top types of recipes our home chefs are looking for are recipes based on their ingredients, ways to cook variety using the same or similar ingredients, and food that was good for leftovers.

On an anecdotal note, 39% of those surveyed by Hunter reported eating healthier while on lockdown, while 40% said they were eating worse.


Will People Sustain Their New Habits and Can Chefling Help?

We feel incredibly grateful at Chefling that this crisis has not hindered our ability to continue working, but we feel particularly fortunate to be providing a tool that can help people navigate and even flourish during this unfortunate crisis. It is unfortunate that it took a pandemic for millions of people to find a love for cooking, but overall this will mean great things for our health and planet in the long run. The question is, will we sustain it?

Well, if people stick to what they’re saying, it seems so. According to the Hunter survey, 51% of people who are cooking more said that they will continue to cook more often even after they are no longer stuck at home. I know that my own cooking skills and ability to branch out in the kitchen have progressed. I have been buying all kinds of ingredients I don’t normally use and letting the Chefling app tell me what kinds of great things I can make, which has lead to some really delicious and healthy meals, as well as some Friday night cookie binges that are better for my mental well being than my waistline.

So, it seems not all news is bad during the pandemic. If people become closer to their food, their ingredients, and are forced to expand their culinary horizons, it will be a good thing for all of us. We may even see a culinary renaissance from all of the true chefs stuck in their home right now, or maybe some of you will emerge from isolation a truly great chef yourself. Either way, we feel fortunate to help our home chefs put delicious food on the table at home.


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