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Chefling's Plan to Get Better the More You Use It

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Chefling - Easy Meal Plans
Chefling is available on iOS, Android and Alexa

The Chefling mission is for every home cook to have a smart kitchen assistant that understands how you like to plan, shop and cook, and helps you do it all with ease.

Now, that might sound like a simple mission, but it's actually quite complex. A smart kitchen assistant would have an accurate account of what's in your kitchen, a great understanding of what you like to eat, any dietary restrictions you have, how often you plan your meals, how you like to shop, and more. A great assistant would understand you better with each passing week and help do more of the things that you don't want to worry about.

Eventually, the perfect assistant would pick amazing and fun recipes, order and deliver all of your groceries within budget, and give you time saving kitchen tips based on the week's meal plan:

You have 3 recipes this week that call for diced onions.
Consider cutting them all at once to save time.

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Using More Features Makes Chefling Smarter

The big difference between a real assistant and the Chefling app is that we can't look inside your refrigerator and see for ourselves what you have. (Actually, I'm lying. With the Bosch smart fridge, we can do exactly that.)

Under normal circumstances, we need you to tell us what you have at home, but most people aren't interested in time consuming inventory management on some pantry app. Most people do, however, keep a shopping list, and if we know what you buy, we understand roughly what you put in your pantry.

If you use our Shopping List feature, as you swipe each ingredient off your list, it will add it to your pantry and we can keep making smart recipe recommendations based on your ingredients. That's just one way that the features work together to make your life easier.

There are other ways the features work together as well. The Meal Planning tab can turn all of the ingredients you need for the week into a shopping list. And, your recipe direction cards can control your smart appliances.

In other words, it may take a moment to set up Chefling and you might have other apps you use for things like your shopping list, but the more you use all of Chefling's features, the easier it becomes to get maximum value out of the app.

We're Making the App Smarter Every Day

The Chefling team is working hard every day to bring more of those ideas and features to life. For now, we are focused on our core features of recommending recipes based on what you have, helping you create easy and stress-free meal plans, and making shopping easier to manage. In the future, we will continue to tackle all of the areas that you wish you didn't have to deal with in the kitchen and we want to make it easier and faster to use the Chefling app.

If you have feedback, please take our customer survey. Thanks for your continued support!

Joey Flores

Chief Marketing Officer

Chefling - Meal Planning and Recipes Based on Ingredients

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