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Harness the Power of UltraConnect ™ to Connect Millions of Recipes on the Web with your Smart Appliances.

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Ultra-Connect: The Perfect Kitchen Enterprise Software 

UltraConnect by Chefling

UltraConnect is Chefling's state-of-the-art tool that makes cooking smarter, with the ability to convert any recipe into a machine-readable program that your appliances can follow. 

Ultraconnect bridges the gap between recipes and smart kitchen appliances transforming any recipe into a smart recipe! 

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The Future of the Kitchen is Connected Technologies

Using Ultraconnect

Consumers are increasingly wanting connected and integrated technologies. Chefling saves your business time & money creating these product experiences. 

Chefling offers licensing for its all-in-one kitchen assistant tool allowing your brand to connect with consumers in an even more personalized way.


Whether it be for recipes, meal planning, shopping solutions, or pantry management tools; Chefling offers end to end customization for your product ecosystem.

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Watch this video from CES to understand how your customers can engage with a fully connected kitchen!


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