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Empower your customers with features like special diets, cooking with what ingredients they have, shopping as per their favorite recipes, connecting their kitchen with smart appliances, and so much more with Newton's APIs/SDKs powered by Chefling.

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Recipe Import API

Let your customers import any recipe from the web or youtube, and create their own collection of unique recipes.

Allow Newton to do the hard work of simplifying any recipe for your customers, thereby breaking them down into simple and specific ingredients as well as steps to start cooking the recipe right away!

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Image by Becca Tapert
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Recipe Tagging API

With emerging diets like Keto and Paleo, we want to ensure you provide your customers with tons of options to cook based on their special dietary restrictions & preferences.

Whether it's any lifestyle, health, or allergen-free diets as well as disliked ingredients, Newton's API/SDKs will empower your customers with various tags, helping them follow and stick to their diets with a variety of recipes to cook.

Image by Max Delsid

UltraConnect API

Give a smart edge to your customer's kitchen with Newton’s ultraConnect

Allow your customers to cook smarter with the ability to convert any recipe into a machine-readable program that your appliance can follow.

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Image by Jude Beck
Cooking Eggs

Shoppable Recipes API

Allow your customers to directly shop ingredients from their favorite recipe with a few taps!

Give your customers a one-stop-shop for all their cooking needs, all in one single place. Whether is amazon fresh, Instacart, or Walmart we have it all. Making sure your customers don't miss any ingredient for their dish to be perfect!

Fresh Ingredients

Ready-to-Cook SDK

With recipe recommendations that let you cook first with ingredients that are going to expire sooner, we want to ensure your customers cook more and waste less.

Newton’s API matches all the ingredients in your pantry with the recipes, leaving you with tonnes of options to start cooking right away with ingredients that are going to expire first.

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Festive Meal
Meal Plan.png

Meal Planning SDK

Help your customers build good habits with curated meal plans as well as weekly reminders.

With Newton’s brain powered by real-world diet & nutrition experts, let your customers browse through meal plans and set up reminders based on their preferences, thereby staying in line with their healthy eating habits.

Seafood Curry

Recipe Recommendation API

Provide your customers with a varied range of recipes to cook, whether it's a specific cuisine, meal-type, festive recipes, and more.

Give an Amazon-like experience of browsing recommended mouthwatering recipes to your customers, tempting them to start cooking right away.

Kitchen Counter

Why reinvent the wheel when you have us to help you with setting up a digital platform for all your kitchen needs. 

Empowering Home Cooks

With Newton’s recipe recommendation based on ingredients and meal-planning, it's more than easier for users to figure out what to cook when.

An all-in-one kitchen

With a user experience that allows you to manage your pantry, meals, shopping list, and what to cook when; we are here to help you ace your game in the kitchen.

Streamlining user's
kitchen experience

With easy-to-connect smart appliances, we strive to provide your users entire kitchen experience in one central place.

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Data-driven consumer

Gather the appropriate analytics that helps you to make the right decisions for your business, thereby improving your user’s overall experience.

Honoring Individual
diet preferences

More than 40+ lifestyle and allergen-free diet preferences to suit each individual’s tastes, likes, and dislikes.

A platform you can

Your security and privacy are our #1 concern. Rely on our consistent approach to security with SSL encryption, SSO, audit log, domain filtering, and more.

Price List

Premium Plan

✔ 5000 API calls/month

✔ Email Support Access

✔ Featured APIs:

  • Shoppable Recipes

  • Recipe Tagging, diet, and cuisines

  • Import any recipe from the Web

  • Meal Planning and reminders

Enterprise Plan

✔ 10,000+ API calls/month

✔ On-call Support Access

✔ Dedicated Account Manager

✔ Featured APIs:

  • Recipe Recommendations based on Ingredients

  • Pantry Management

  • Connect with Smart Appliances

+ Includes all the APIs from the premium plan

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