Chefling Makes Your Cooking Experience a Breeze with Connected Family Accounts. 

Bringing the household together in the kitchen space with shared shopping lists, pantry inventory, and meal plans in one place. 

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Always Up-to-Date Pantry Inventory Across Family Accounts

On top of managing your inventory, Chefling automatically updates your pantry so your family members can always stay up to date with what ingredients are in your pantry.

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Plan Easy Screenshot
Plan Easy Screenshot

"The inventory that can be maintained through this app also keeps a tab of all the products you buy and notifies you when you when any of the product reaches its expiry date and has to be replaced."

Amos (iOS User)

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Shopping List screenshot
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Collaborate and Update Your Shopping List with Family Members

Chefling makes the paper grocery list obsolete, with synced and shared shopping lists across multiple family accounts so that anyone can get that last missing ingredient. 

 "Chefling features a variety of mobile friendly recipes that really come handy in the mid of busy life schedule. My husband and I being food-savvy persons, not only love Chefling but can't think of cooking without it."

Pooja (Android User)


Automatically Sync and Share Meal Plans with Your Family Members

Chefling automatically syncs and updates meal plans so everyone knows ahead of time what they’re getting for dinner on that day of the week. Above that Chefling now allows you to sort your meals by date and separates your Scheduled meals from the un-scheduled ones.

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